Is there any point in getting GHZ edition 7970s?

If you don't mind overclocking yourself? For me, they're like $40-60 more than the regular editions, but from what I've been reading they are the exact same cards except factory overclocked?

So what's the point? Are they generally able to be overclocked higher on average or something?
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    Not really. They have a better chance of greater-than-1200 MHz overclocks, but that's about it. If a potential extra 50-75 MHz is worth $50 more or so, then it's worth it.

    Also, if you're overclocking, see if you can pick up a card with better power phasing than the reference PCB and if possible better cooling on the VRMs / memory chips as well as on the GPU.

    How about the 7970 vapor-x 3gb?

    I'm guessing you personally think it is worth a relatively minor increase since you bought lightning 7970s, right? How do you think they compare to ghz edition 7970s?
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