Thermaltake Big Water 760 / H100 Question

I am wanting to purchase a water cooling system for the next rig I'm building. I was wondering if a Thermaltake Big Water 760 would handle both a 3770k and a gtx 690 hydro copper edition for cooling? I've also considered doing either two Big Water systems or a Corsair H100 for the Processor and a Big Water for the gpu... any thoughts? I am absolutely minty new to liquid cooling; however, I want to keep the setup simple and semi affordable, as you can see the rest of the components are going to hurt the wallet enough as it is. The case I am using is a Level 10 GT, though I've considered hunting down an original Level 10. Basically the setup I'm planning to build is a z77 Sabretooth, i7-3770k, (deciding between xfx proseries 1000w or toughpower grand 1200w; I don't need the wattage, but who cares), and AVEXIR Core Series (2 x 4GB - PC3 22400, will get another set as the wallet allows), and Vertex 4 256GB. Lastly, I assume you can, but am wanting to see if you can change the hoses of the Big Water, and the block for CPU to a different block. Any answers and suggestions for the cooling would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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