Upgrade for gaming.

My first post so thanks for any advice. I’m looking to upgrade.

Current system; ASUS P8Z68-V PRO, Corsair PSU (800w), Corsair DDR 3 (8gb), Intel Core i7 2600k (3.4ghz), ASUS GTX560 (1gb), Western Digital (2tb) plus another 2 older hd (500gb & 150gb). Monitor, Hanns G 24” LED

Possible upgrades; SLI GTX560 or new card? New SSD? Increase ram? Lastly, 120hz monitor?

I'd quite like to have the graphic power to run newer games on ultra with decent fps. At present online I get about 40fps average on ultra BF3. Is that fps to be expected with my system, what fps would I average with SLI. Will I be able to play titles for the next few years?

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  1. If you want increase in performance you could snag a cpu cooler oc the processor which is rather easy.

    For load speed you wanna get an ssd 60gb will be fine just rotate the games you play the most.

    And to play the best games upgrade from what you have to something like a 7950 which can run most games on ultra. Your card is getting avrg frames in bf3 for that card, so grab an upgrade you should be running 60+ frames. Sli is an expensive option that isnt supported by some games you would be better off with the suggested card above. Also sli is a *double my fps* option it would marginally increase it. If you want physx grab a 660 or 670.

    Those are my recommendations glhf.
  2. Get a new graphics card, OC your processor (new cooling fan if your running on stock) and get a SSD; at least 120GB (60 just isnt enough , you end up having to micromange them too much)
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