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Need your guide guys regarding new setting for this new RIG?

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November 20, 2012 1:21:43 PM

Hi all, i just bought new motherboard Asus P8Z77-V Pro, Asus GTX650 ti and i5 2500k and i need your guide regarding setting and guidance for this PC. My previous PC is dead due to motherboard problem. My existing hardware is GTX560 ti, DDR3 kingston 4GB x4 (16GB ) 1333mhz, 2TB hdd x4 , 500GB x2 SEAGATE , V8 Fan,Cooler Master silent pro M series 600watt and with my old case HAF 932 series. All this hardware are tested and still kicking and no problem detect as i already test it on few PC's for this hardware. Bunch of question that need your guys attention.

1.For now i don't have any budget for buying new SSD so i will make the 500GB x2 as RAID 0. The question is, there's 2 raid port so which 1 should i use? is it Intel Z77 or Asmedia raid port? These 2 port are SATA 6.0Gb/s so is it compatible using my SEAGATE HDD 7200 rpm even though the SEAGATE hdd is not 6.0Gb/s speed?

2.Let's say that one of the raid Intel or Asmedia are chosen to be set as RAID port 0, can the other port that are free being use as a NORMAL RAID for my extra HDD cos i want to put 4 HDD and 2 DVD writter that are free. Is there any setting or configuration that i should know?

3. My Old GTX560 ti i like to make it as PHYSIX while my new GTX 650 ti as primary display card so should i use the SLI bridge?

4. My old DDR 3 Kingston 4Gb 1333mhz x4 is my only option for now as i have no budget until next salary so i'm stuck with this ram, The question is using my old ram is there any decrease performance or problem that i should know of ? Will the system show high gap decrease performance or just minor?

Thanks in advance and really appreciate your guide and suggestion guys.

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November 20, 2012 2:19:29 PM

1 & 2. If you've never messed with raid before and you want to get an SSD soon, I'd skip the raid. Put your OS on one drive and your data on the other. Then, when you get your SSD it will be so much easier to migrate.

3. No, you don't need the sli bridge. Just use the nVidia control panel to set up physix on the 560.

4. Your old ddr should work. Check the motherboard site for compatibility.
November 20, 2012 2:36:47 PM

Thanks for reply zdbc13, For your information previously i 'm using raid 0 on my old system just for a bit enhancement for performance. When i can get SSD drive i will try to make it raid 0 also, But back to my second question is the raid port can transform to just normal sata port if i already chosen (example i chose intel raid so asmedia can be just a normal sata port?) and just for your info my setup for raid 0 is just for trying achievement for better performance cos all my back up data is in other drive so i'm not worry about hdd crash on my C drive, and zdbc13 THANKS for the answer regarding number 3 and 4 but i still need the 1st and scnd it possible?
November 20, 2012 5:54:21 PM

All right, then I suggest you use the 6mb ASMedia controller for your hard drive raid. Then the 6mb Intel ports will be available for your SSDs when you get them. Use 2 of the 3mb Intel ports for optical drives. You'll still be able to use the other ports in the future.

After you get an SSD you will find that raid is just not important. They are so much faster than any raid you won't go back. It's not even that beneficial to raid SSDs too. Only if you insist.