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I have an acer 5741g laptop the HDD crashed so i have replaced it with my other acer laptop that is a earlier model HDD, i tried to boot the laptop back up as i am getting the error message

Windows Error Recovery
windows failed to start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause. to fix the problem

then it gives me three options and has diffrent booting modes ect... i have put the boot disc in and have changed the bios to have the computer boot of the CD rom but when its about to load (the window page) this blue stuff comes up that looks like the bios but with tons of 000000000 it goes back to normal screen where i have started

please help
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  1. That "blue stuff" is a blue screen (BSOD), if you can re-produce that blue screen, try and get the error code if you can.

    Also try re-inserting the battery out of the motherboard and booting into safemode.
  2. If you have taken the HDD out of another Acer laptop and tried to use this it may be blue screening because the drivers are not compatible with the laptop you have put it into, unless it is the same model?

    Also is the HDD you put in formatted or does it have data and an OS on?
  3. I don't think there's anything wrong with the hardware.

    You just tried to use a Windows system, which was installed on a different machine. While it's not impossible, it's not a good idea unless you took some measures before you put it in the new machine.

    Your bets are:
    1) using system recovery DVD if you have it. It will delete the contents of the hard drive or at least the system partition, so you should do a backup if you have any valuable data on it.

    2) installing Windows from scratch (backup first, also).

    Ah sorry, I haven't read your message till the end before I wrote that.

    So you tried to boot from CD, and you got the BSOD. That shouldn't have happened because of software on the hard disk...

    If you take out the hard disk, and try to boot on the CD, what happens? This doesn't make sense either.
  4. Also, run a CHKDSK -r -f if you can to recover/repair system files.
  5. I didnt notice that part either :\

    Its worth doing that ^ anyway!

    It still could be hard drive, as it seems to blue screen when writing to the drive.

    If the windows screen comes up then the CDrom seems ok. Its when writing to the drive which is the issue. Maybe try another SATA cable too?
  6. lewza said:
    Maybe try another SATA cable too?

    It's a laptop, man. Not many cables around. :)
  7. What do you mean by "the HDD crashed". What happened?
    Is there any chance that it wasn't the HDD that was bad, in the first place?

    You can't lose anything by running a memtest.
    Also just to be sure that the computer is otherwise okay, you could boot up an Ubuntu live CD (can also be applied to an usb drive).
  8. hi, you said at the start your HDD crashed. what do you mean HDD crashed?

    is the old hard disk unrecognisable in the laptop? does it work in another laptop or drive caddy?
    The root cause of the issue may not be the drive, and the blue screen is indicating that another issue is there. run mem86 boot disk and test memory and system board. if you see errors it could be your RAM, but i suspect that your CPU is faulty or its not booting from CD and that windows need a reinstall / repair.

    Running MEM86 test via a boot USB or CDROM will eliminate your OS, drive and drive controller as possible causes of the failure.

    hope that helps
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