Trouble with my new build


GFX: Gigabyte radeon 7850 hd OC
MOBO: ASUS ph877- v le
PSU: 600W corsair power supply
RAM: 8GB corsair vengance

I have had my new build for around 2 months and have been getting crashes from the very start whilst playing games. I have recently been in contact with the company that sold my the card and they said to do the latest VBIOS update for the card - so they sent me the link

After completing the update I can no longer see anything on my screen. I can still here the windows log on sound but just can't see anything. I have integrated graphics in my mobo which I can use to still access my computer and was wondering how I can remove this update to get it back to its previous state. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. also have a intel i5-3450 cpu
  2. asap please:)
  3. I am guessing this is a homebuilt system.

    Try removing and reseating all components. - also check cables are correctly connected.
    Also, ensure you have not plugged your VGA cable into the MOBO GPUout. IT really messes up AMD cards. (I have plucked my scalp bald over this farce many times)
  4. i unplugged my graphics card and can access my on board mobo graphics by inserting the vga cable to it, everything was fine before the vga bios update
  5. ah - rollback is likely required, or it didnt install properly when you updated.

    as you know what it is google how to rollback for your card.

    good luck
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