Need low profile pcie x16 video with 220W max PSU


I am trying to locate a video card for a MicroATX slimline s5000 with a 220 max Watt psu. The owner pulled out the on-board port. Nuthin fancy. It just needs video and it must run on less than the 220W psu that came with the system. Customer doesn't want to spring for larger PSU. No gaming. Just general mom and pop surfing here. Something old and used fine, if it works. This is a tough nut to crack. Every thread I run across has gamers trying to convince people to upgrade PSU. Not an option here. It just needs low profile. low wattage VGA video. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. ASUS Low-Profile NVidia 8400GS - $30
    PowerColor Radeon HD5450 - $30 + Free Shipping.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks Wolfshadw,

    Considered the HD 5450 in my travels, but the pic appeared to display a long bracket as on the other model you suggested. The card must fit a MicroATX case with a short bracket. Can these be converted to a short bracket somehow?
  3. Wolfshadw,

    Is the low-profile bracket listed on the product details the short bracket needed? Does the card come with the long bracket standard then you have to reconfigure the ports to adapt to the short bracket?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks jallenlabs for the insight. I had already posted after you answered my question, so please disregard the last question Wolfshadw. I will get to ordering on the AMD If I can get a fix on whether they include the low profile bracket or not. Thank you both for your help.
  5. a radeon 6670 from sapphire, newegg has one for $60, if im right doesnt require a 6pin connector and should work with a small psu, maybe even a HIS radeon 7750 icooler, its low profile at around $110 and if it doesnt require the 6 pin connector in theory should work.

    didnt notice the usage lol in that case almost any low profile gpu still in production would work lol
  6. Sorry. I've been offline for awhile. Both the cards I linked come with low-profile brackets. It's a simple matter to remove the full sized bracket and replace it with the low-profile bracket(s). Note that the VGA port is actually removable and is not required for the card to function.

    -Wolf sends
  7. Thanks Wolfshadw and Lazyboy947 for you time to answer.

    Lazyboy947, the 6670 requires more wattage than the HD5450 and I got confirmation today the HD5450's minimum manufacturer's suggested PSU is 400W, so I'm hesitant to go with more wattage if I don't have to. It also has cooling fans I noticed, which suggests maybe an external plug is needed. The PSU in question doesn't have the external plug I think it would require. Thanks for the suggestion though. I saw where the 6670 was suggested for those not happy with the HD5450's performance game-play wise, but I'm pretty sure there won't be any gaming going on with this system.


    I did notice how the configuration could be easily changed after doing some more research. This is my first real video card dilemma since most people use on-board and I only get system's from casual users, not gamers. I will have to order a separate VGA ported bracket, since the one that comes with the card is ported only for the other two types of video. I have seen quite a few people state their 220W PSU's seem to be keeping up with the HD5450. The Manufacturer is probably just erring on the safe side suggesting 400W. I might be worried as well, but since the card won't be challenged with gaming, I believe the HD5450 will work fine.

    Thanks again for everyone's time to help me with this.

  8. Hey did you ver find a low powered vga card to work in the slimline? I'm having same exact issue.....
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