New high end PC in need of OS

So i've built myself quite the monster this past couple of days and all that is left is the OS, ill keep the short and simple. I can and have the money to buy Windows 8 OEM x64 , right now i have a " Captain Jack Sparrow" version of windows 7, and its doing just fine. My question is should i get the windows 8 OEM or is Captain Jack still good to go and save the money? TY :D
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  1. Considering that facilitating software piracy, even tangentially, would be against the rules here, go with the Windows 8 option.
  2. Ive never used a pirate version of 7 and I don't care for 8 so I'd say a legal copy of 7 pro.
  3. ^+1 - been tempted to go win8(free for me here at the University) but it is not supported. Win7 is proven - if you decide to go win8 from there it's not a big expense.
  4. The news reports that Microsoft will not be releasing a Windows 7 SP2, and full version of Direct X 11.1. But Windows 8 will get the Direct X 11.1 full version. But then Windows 8 blows right now.
    My recommendation is to hold on to Windows 7 for like a year to see what Microsoft is going to do about Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  5. Pirating is not supported here. You do not ask questions about pirated software here as it is against the rules. Bye.
  6. Piracy is NOT ACCEPTABLE on these forums, whether implied or directly mentioned. Topic is closed- consider this a final warning.

    You need a legitimate software OS and key, bottom line, no exceptions.
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