Dell Studio XPS 8100 Upgrade

A few questions regarding the upgrade of my Dell Studio XPS 8100.
Current Specs.
- i5 Intel Processor
- 8GB Ram
- 2x 1TB HDDs
- nvidia geforce 240

these outlined above are the components id like to salvage if possible excluding the GFX card.

Now I know Dell are a bit funny about their builds and certain things are not compatible ect ect.

My question to you is how do I approach this, I will be searching for a New Case, MoBo, PS and GFX card. Will I simply be able to remove the components and install as a new build.

More importantly I have a feeling the OEM copy of Windows 7 64bit will be locked to one of the components.

I'll start from their and you guys can probe me for more info. Im also open to suggestions on Cases, Mobos, PS's and Cards. This will mostly be a gaming/graphical software editing machine.
Thanks in advance :D
p.s sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.
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  1. If you replace the motherboard, then you will need a new copy of Windows.

    Given the age of the unit, you probably have a first generation i5 CPU, so you'll need to make sure any motherboard you get will be set up for the older i5s, not the newer Sandy and Ivy Bridge models. Beyond that, yes, you basically just take the parts out of one and slot them into the other.
  2. Do you have any recommendations in regards to the motherboard, do the Ivy or Sandy bridge models offer any notable advantages. Something with SLi/Xfire support would be nice, double PCI slots for newish cards.

    Also in regards to the files already stored in my HDD, would it be a case of if I install the new OS then it will auto matically pick up the current content of the HDDs, or will I have to reformat and re apply all the content back onto the HDDs after OS install.

    Thanks for your help so far. :D
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