Nvidia GTX 570 Jumps to 99% GPU and restarts

While playing Battlefield 3 on Max my GTX 570 Jumps to 99% and restarts. This has occured on games like minecraft and Planetside 2.
I Remeber seeing 2 sets of artifacts that correspond with Blips in EVGA Precision that i use to moniter GPU temp, Fanspeed, GPU Clock and Memory Clock, At the time of the artifacts both the memory clock and the GPU clock dropped to standard operating values. The memory clock went from 2048 to about 135 and then back up. This happened twice and then the card restarted.

Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am unsure of what the problem is and i have tried 3 things to prevent overheating.

1. Took the side case cover off.
2. Increased the fan speed curve.
3. Dusted the inside and out of the Graphics card.

System specs

Nvidia GTX 570
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core i7-2600k CPU @ 3.40GHz (8CPUs) ~3.4GHz
DirectX 11
OCZ 50 PSU 1000W

If you require more info about system specs just ask
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  1. What were the temps around the time this occurred? and how much have you overclocked the card?

    Also PSU make and model would be useful...
  2. I do not know what the temps at the time were, i will try and replicate the problem again.

    I have not overclocked the GPU at all

    I have a 1000W PSU so power should not be the problem

    Model No. EliteXtreme 1000

    I looked into the Memory clock specifactions for my Card and found out that it was set to 2100MHz while the manufacture says it should be 1900MHz, I have since lowered it to the recomended clock. A similar Mismatch was found when looking at the GPU clock, it was rated at 732MHz while it was set for 786MHz
  3. Yea PSU is a little overpowered but seems fine, Temps would be great thanks....

    Are your default memory clocks 2048?

    What model is your 570?
  4. Nvidia NGTX 570 MSi
    The default clock was 2100MHz
    The temp while playing BF3 on ultra was 60C

    Also i seem to have fixed the problem by changeing the memory clock from 2100 to 1900 and the GPU clock from 786 to 732.

    I was able to play a full round of TDM (20Min) without any problems.

    Thanks for the Help Paddys09
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    Yea no problems, at least its working, Maybe worthwhile contacting MSI to explain you are having issues with the factory OC, it may just be BF3 though, it can be a bit temperamental.
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