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for Christmas i am hoping to get a pc built that is for an average gamer and will mostly be used as a media player, here are the components i have picked out so far :
Intel i5 3450 processor
Kingston hyperX 2x4gb RAM
MSI h77 g43 motherboard
asus 650 ti graphics card
WD green 2tb hard-drive
Corsair cx500 power supply
Samsung optical drive
Zalman z9 case
Windows 64 bit
will these allow me to run all games at a average quality and are all the components compatible. Also any possible improvements will be great
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  2. That will game Ok , but I have a couple of suggestions

    Avoid the green hard drive . They save very little power but will slow down boot and game loading times a lot .

    Use a Radeon 7850 instead of the 650 ti. Prices are nearly identical,3318-7.html
  3. I really dislike the Zalman Z9 - there's far better cases you could go with for the price range like the Antec One, Cooler Master HAF 912, or Corsair 300R.

    Also that Kingston RAM picked out is 1.65V, it won't mix well with Ivy Bridge. Get G.Skill Ares or Crucial Ballistix instead.
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