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Hi, I have a Phenom II 980 @ 4.11 and i want to know if a GTX 660(Non Ti) would be bottlenecked by the CPU at 1920x1080...Now i'm running a GTX 560 on a 19' display with 1440x900 resolution and all the games runs smooth, the point is that i want to get a HD monitor and i think my card can't handle games at that resolution..
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  1. no not at all unless the games is %99 gpu usage and even then you can overclock the cpu a little bit more to catch up to the gpu
  2. No you'll be fine
  3. an overclocked x4 980 wont be bottleneck for single GTX 660 at all, maybe it will be 10%-15% bottleneck with gtx670 or 7970 which you wont notice.
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