A big help needed from Fiji Islands! (urgent cards choice...)

Hello All,
Bula All,
I'm an italian living and working in Fiji Islands since 2008.
After my computer i broght from Italy got broken I decided to
buy a computer here in fiji. The best (and only, sic!) chioce 1 year ago was

- HP Pro3000 Professional minitower with windows 7

Here the link to the data sheet:

Now, after fall in love with this game online:

I discovered that my graphic chip (and RAM) was not enough to decently play the game.
The ping can be OK (+/- 450ms) but the fps are horrible! something like 4-5 fps, practically

Now I found in one of the very few computer shops of Fiji some options to add a graphic
card to my pc. Here under listed the options and the price in USD.
I'm asking to the wise Tom's HW gurus to enlight me for the right choice to do...
Thanks in advance for your URGENT reply...the cards are only ONE per type and could get
sold in a couple of days!

-1- XFX - GeForce9500GT - 1gb - usd.89.00
-2- MSI - N8400GS - 1 gb - usd.58.00
-3- MSI - VN220GT MD - 1gb - usd.106.00
-4- MSI - R5670 - 1gb - usd.143.00
-5- Gigabyte - HD4550 -1gb - usd.47.00

Can you please give me YOUR personal three choices, for gaming, considering a rank
as follows :
- the best in absolute -
- the best ratio price/quality -
- the cheapest but still good -

Thank you again!! - Grazie!! - Vinaka Vakalevu!!
Stefano (aka Catullo aka Kerbango)
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  1. oh! yes, I'm going to add, FOR SURE, 2Gb more of DDR3 and a decent Power supply ATX x-780 550W! just to clarify that RAM and power should be ok...
  2. erhm...none for a suggestion?....
  3. Oh these cards are ancients!!! Although you can do your job with the 5670. But this card is waaaayyyyy too overpriced, it should cost about 50-60 usd, and i guess it's a DDR3 version. The other cards are also very overpriced, but they are not good enough for gaming.
  4. In Fiji Islands everything, in I.T. terms, is "overpriced" and we here recycle the ancient technology of you humans living in the 21st century... :(
  5. Catullo said:
    erhm...none for a suggestion?....


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