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how do i install an email program in my laptop? coz i needed to send my pictures from my folder to my email bt it tells me i need to install a program please help.....
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  1. can't you just use webmail ? something like hotmail or googlemail
  2. Windows 7 did include a email program (it on your computer) but thanks to the antitrust lawsuits they opted to disable it.
    Your options:
    .. As nikorr suggested - windows live mail
    .. Download a 3rd party email client. There are several. Just google windows 7 email program. Such as Mozillia's firefox. I have both that and Outlook on my work laptop.
    .. If you own a higher end MS office suite, you can install OUTlook (It is not outlook express). Too expensive to buy.
    .. The hardest option, which I had to do for my wifes computer, Port vista winmail program. This requires access to a Vista machine and knowlege about setting "permissions". Not the easiest, but works.
  3. Firefox is a web browser..... methinks the Chief meant Mozilla Thunderbird.

    That's the program, now you will need an e-mail account which is likely provided by your ISP. (Internet Service Provider). There's also the freebies if ya get desperate like yahoo mail
  4. ^ Thanks, Jack, you are 100% correct.

    @ work and got interrupted for work (messed up my train of thought - easy to do when your appoacing 70)
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