XFX AMD 6670 2 GB - Artifacting - Driving me nuts

Hi everyone, I recently purchased an XFX AMD 6670 2GB video card, but keep getting artifacts.

I have 6 gb memory

AMD Phenom II 945 Quad-Core

OCZ ModXstream-Pro 700 Watt Powersource (NOTE: I had a 300 Watt powersource that I used for a day until realizing it needs at least 400 Watts)

I uninstalled old drivers, used driver sweep in safe mode, removed all AMD drivers installed the new drivers direct from AMD's website.

Temperature of GPU Core is around 41 degrees C.

Also, I noticed ever since changing the graphics card, Java crashes - I can't even go to Java.com, and when I find another link on the net to install Java, it installs then when I check on Java.com it says it's not installed.

I wonder if these two are related. Any help I would appreciate, thanks!
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  1. Some more details - I changed back to my old card - Radeon 5450, no more artifacts, but java still is screwed up.

    Main concern is getting that card to work - any ideas? I tested memory, it's good.
  2. If you are getting artifacts your card is defective, return it immediately for a replacement.
  3. Are it only at one game/app or at more than one?

    If it just one there it could be the apps problems. If not then u mostly get defective card..

    as vegettonox said, try to claim the warranty
  4. Thanks, I bought it at a local store, I will take it back today and replace. This happens without running any games - as simple as using Skype will cause it.
  5. Just wanted to add to this since it was a huge hassle for me to figure it out. The post above is correct, the card was bad. I took it back and exchanged it for a new card, now it works fine. Interestingly, the card was in a plastic sheath thing, the old one was not, so it was probably bought and returned.
  6. wew, they tried to sell refurbished card? ...........

    anyway glad it all works out
  7. Oddly enough, there were two boxes when I bought this card, the sales guy picked one up, but it had someone elses commission sticker on it - so he put it down and gave me the other box. If I took that first box I would never have had any issue!
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