Sneaky squirrel Xmas upgrade for the other half

Ok, The Gf is getting a few upgrades as part of her christmas box this year,
I'm finally getting her main Pc onto Win7 64bit so I'll throw that onto an Ssd ( are doing Intel 180Gb's for ninety quid)
and she will be getting my 975BE (that will be running at stock)
and maybe upgrade her to 8Gb of ram,
thats all pretty much decided but where I'm a bit unsure is this,
Do I give her my old 5770 to crossfire with hers or get a newer card (7770 maybe?)
either will involve a better Psu so I'll probably get a Cx600 anyway to power it whatever I do,
One monitor at 1440x900 Vga
So, new single card or crossfire the old?
(I'm thinking single card as her mobo is 16/4 on crossfire btw)

As it was brought up in a response I'd just like to say there will be no overclocking on her rig at all, not the Cpu, and not the graphics card, She's not a clocker and its non-negotiable, Gods know I've tried :)

Cheers guys, I know you are here when I need you :)
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  1. Oh, and most likely a 212 or similar cooler as well
  2. Since her motherboard isn't full x16/x16 then I suggest getting the 7770. Upgrade her to 8GB of RAM man, its cheap.
  3. I was planning on that but in addition to the other improvements as well,
    Win7, £70ish
    Ssd, £90
    Psu £45ish
    Cooler £20ish
    Gfx card (Assuming buying single 7770) £70
    The cheapness of ram isn't an issue really its just further cost on top and this isn't her main gift, this is stocking fillers :)
    its more the card issue I was vexing over though and I am more inclined to go single card
    I just wanted some more up-to-date opinions on it so thanks for adding your vote man :)
  4. 5770 to 7770 is barely an upgrade. not worth it, IMO. Just OC the 5770 and call it a day which also means you can skip the PSU, too.
  5. Overclocking anything in her rig is not an option, I should've mentioned that in the op,
    which is why the 975 is going to be at stock instead of 4.5GHz :)
    Hwer Psu isn't as good as it could be anyhow so I was treating her to a decent unit,
    it just seems sensible to do all these mini-upgrades at once,
    What card would you have suggested then?
    Say £150 max, preferably around £100 though
  6. For 1440x900, the 650 Ti should be fantastic. 7850 would be a little better, but likely overkill for that resolution. I don't know prices in UK, though.
  7. The 7850 wouldn't be overkill at highest settings, but the 650 Ti is a nice fit, seeing it's the newest generation card in that price range and performance.
  8. I think the 7850 is around the right mark, but I'll check both out in the Am when I get in from work, cheers guys
  9. I think I'm decided on the Sapphire 6850, its about a hundred so cheap enough but a reasonable enough boost, she only plays WoW and Sims so its not even as if the 5770 needs replacing, I did buy myself a RAT9 just now though :P
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