Evga gtx670 Warming


i just make an upgrade here:

Asrock z77 extreme 4
Intel core i5 2500k
2x 4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz
Power Supply XFX Pro 850w
eVGA Nvidia gt GTX 670

I mounted and install windows, everything ok, but when start some game the temperature goes up to 100º and the PC turn off.

I install the EVGA Prevcision X and this is the result:

Stock: http://imageshack.us/a/img824/6359/img1lr.png
Game: http://imageshack.us/a/img191/6894/img2td.png
PC: http://imageshack.us/a/img211/1579/img3fs.jpg

This is a problem on the VGA or can be something else?
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  1. make sure your GPU is getting proper airflow to it, if it's not obstructed by anything i would bring it back and tell them it's overheating
    (im assuming this is new, and no dust has had a chance to build up)
  2. When upgrading, did you reinstall the drivers? It doesn't make sense how your card temp goes up irregularly
  3. That screenshot shows your gaming temp at 85c, which is normal. However, I'm also seeing your fan at 80%, which is maximum and definitely not normal. I'm assuming, if you are overheating, that your heatsink is not properly attached to the GPU.

    Your options are to try to tighten the screws yourself (not recommended, may void the warranty) or return the card for a replacement. Definitely confirm that your card is overheating first. PrecisionX should have a graph that will show your temps over time while gaming. Maybe take a screenshot of that. Anything in the 90c's is abnormal, and anything over 95c is damaging your card.
  4. 85c is still quite hot for a 670, but again its nothing to be worried about....

    Usually an overheating GPU would cause it to throttle or the game to crash...

    PC shutting down sounds more like the CPU overheating, did you catch those temps?
  5. Its 85c at World of Warcraft login screen, if i log in ou play onother game (bf3, etc) it goes to 95c till the PC reboot..

    When i am at windows and open this WOW login screen it takes 5-10 seconds to go from 45c to 85c, its really quick.
    How "matto17secs" says, i think my heatsink is not properly attached to the GPU. But i cant open to check this because of warranty.

    The driver i install using the automatic scan of nvidia site, i ll check today when i get home if it is the correct driver.

    I ll do more tests today, if i found nothing i ll send the card to replacement.

    Sorry for the bad english and thanks for helping me !! =)
  6. Your english is better than alot of people that use it as thier 1st language on the internet :lol:

    Yea somethings definitely up, the login screen shouldn't be taxing at all,

    306.23 is the latest driver, Might be software related... uninstall any overclocking software even if its not being used or any other similar programs...

    Sounds like a bad card though so if all that fails, yea start up the RMA process...
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