Am I missing anything ? Anything you guys would change ?

I'm not sure if i need any extra SATA cables or if I'm just missing anything in general. Any help would be appreciated :??:
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  1. I generally prefer Seasonic brand power supplies, or at power supplies that Seasonic makes for other brands like the following CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 650W for $80 after rebate.

    There's also the CORSAIR TX Series CMPSU-650TX 650W for $50 after rebate & promo code. It's made by CWT (ChannelWell Tech), not a premium manufacturer like Seasonic, but still very good nevertheless.

    Other than that it seems fine.
  2. Looks good you could however substitute the DVD Drive for this:
    You don't need to but I myself have had bad luck with Lite-on.

    Also I believe you have enough sata cables that come for free with the motherboard. One for the DVD drive and one for the Hard drive.
  3. Thanks a lot guys. i was thinking about adding a ssd to this also. Any cheap but effective recommendations ?
    Not exactly the cheapest but high quality. Is the purpose of your SSD for windows only? You could go smaller if you want.
  5. Do you think i could go for a 600W psu or a little lower ?
  6. The Core i5-3570k doesn't really use an excessive amount of power even when overclocked. The Radeon HD 7770 doesn't really use much power either compared to higher end cards; about 77w peak.

    A 500w PSU will be more than enough for your setup. If you are trying to save some extra cash why not select the other Corsair 650w PSU I mentioned for $50? PSUs manufactured by CWT are still very good. If you are worried about power consumption, then regardless how much power a PSU can provide, the PC will only draw as much as it needs + wasted electricity due to inefficiencies. Therefore, the PC will basically draw the same amount of power from any 80PLUS rated PSU of any wattage. Naturally it's not a good idea to select a PSU that cannot provide enough power to the PC. That would be a bad thing.
  7. Hey I run a 125 watt CPU (phenom II X4 955) and the HD 7770 and my system only uses around 300-325 watts at max with everything. You could even settle for this nice little unit:

    Note I do not recommend Cooler Master Power supplies but this one is classified as a tier 2b which is very good.

    Though no harm done getting a bigger power supply since it will be convenient for future upgrades.
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  9. Thanks a lot. you guys have been really helpful :D
  10. Thanks a lot. you guys have been really helpful :D
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