Dual Monitor With 7870

I have an Asus Hd 7870 Direct Cu2, but I would like to run a dual monitor setup.
I only have Dva and Vgi monitors, but is there any way to actually run a dual monitor without getting a new monitor?
Also, could I use another old video card to run my other monitor? For example, my motherboard onboard graphics or a 4670 I have?
The other card is just for the 2nd monitor, my main monitor has the 7870.
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  1. You just need a DVI to VGA adapter if its the one with 2 DVI ports.
  2. It's the one with only one dvi port.
    Anything I can do?
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    Well, if you are only gaming on one monitor, then you can use the 7850 as the primary and the 4670 to drive the other monitor.
  4. Ok that was my basic question thanks a lot!
  5. No problem.
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