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Not my first but probably the last!

Hi, In the past I made a few systems and some years ago I settled on a P4 3.0 & an IS7 MB that has evolved to its current configuration of 4 gb memory & a Radeon 3850 GPU. Its been good with upgrades but I know I am past due for something new (still on XP). Here is my idea for a new beginning and hell at my age and judging how long my last build lasted this will probably be my last. Not worried about prices as I have a Micro Center an hour away and will get some things on line too. This looks similar to most current builds but if you see anything that might need improvement your feedback would be appreciated. No set budget & have keyboard etc. and an Asus 26" 1920x1200 monitor. Use will be Some gaming, web surfing & streaming some video.

this should work now...sorry

thanks again
dennis in pasadena
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  1. All I see is a link to the i5-3570K. What other parts do you plan on using and what is your budget?
  2. Busy time of year for the site! By the lack of response I think my suspicions that this list of parts will mesh perfectly have been confirmed and its success will depend only on my skill of assembly and patience in installing the OS & drivers. Wishing everyone at Tom's the best for Thanksgiving and the coming holidays!

    dennis in pasadena
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    Pretty good.
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