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I'm putting together a new system. Epox KH8+ MoBo, AMD 1600+ XP, IBM 60GXP 7200rpm HDD, but I don't know tooo much about DDR memory types.
I'm after one stick of 256mb ram but what brand/type eg I don't know what CAS 2.5 refers to.
What choices do i have? Anyone!!


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  1. I think its best for you to buy 256 MB PC2100 CAS 2 DDR RAM.
    CAS 2 is faster then CAS 2.5, PC 2100 is for 266 (2x133) FSB.
    If you want quality memory you'd better take a branded one such as Corsair, Crucial and Kingston.

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  2. I don't think you could go wrong with Crucial. The CAS 2.5 refers to its latency. The lower the better.

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  3. go to crucial website and theres a thing for selecting your mobo etc, follow that and it'll give u a list of compatable memory... like they said, get PC2100 CAS/CL 2 (2.5 ok but a touch slower, wont really notice though). the CAS is the 'latency' or how long it takes the memory to respond, lower the better :)

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