Which is better amd/ati hd 7770 or nvidia 560 ti

please answer my query with finer detail. I am confuse which to buy which is better amd/ati hd 7770 or nvidia 560 ti?
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  1. the 560ti is a much faster card...if you were choosing between the two based solely off of performance I would go with the 560ti any day. If you want a more detailed comparison between the two just google 7770 vs. 560ti alot of stuff will come up
  2. Everything you need to know right here. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/536?vs=547
  3. The 560ti, as drums101 has said, is noticeably faster, here is a benchmark comparing the two: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/536?vs=547#

    Now, if you wanted to compare the 7850 vs. 560ti, then the 7850 would be the better card. Or even the 7870 since it's around the same price range of most 560ti's.

    Why are you asking for a comparison of two cards that are in two completely different price brackets?
  4. Not really a fair comparison. An Nvidia TI series versus an AMD budget gaming card....Even if the nvidia is from 2 series ago its still not a fair fight. The Radeon 7870 GHz ed. would be faster than the 560 TI and more effecient and have better multi card support with a similar price tag
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