Need 16:10 ratio LED monitors

I'm looking to buy a 24-inch + 16:10 aspect ratio LED monitor .
I really need the extra space on 16:10 and it needs to be LED with atleast 24-inches.
Budget is <500$ . Right now the only monitor I know that fits my needs is the 24-inch Dell U2412M.
I want to know all the available monitors from all brands that comes under this ratio.
I searched google and some other sites but no hope.

Please help !!


PS : sorry if I posted in an irrelevant sub category, but where is displays/monitors in the sub category??
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    The Dell U2412M is a great monitor. I use two of them at work, and never had an issue with them.
  2. ty.. i'm also looking for a bigger size 16:10..
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