This might be my last forum in a while... hows my build?

How's my build? how can I make it better and more cost efficient? how much would this be able to OC? how do I OC? Is gigabyte a good brand to get my radeon 7950?
Is my power supply too overkill if I might go crossfire later, and I am going to add more 8 gb rams so don't say anything about that please. Is my cpu cooler good? how is it for overclocking? is it really loud? Overall how is my build?

Thank you to whoever answers my questions I rub you :D

Computer parts:

Also reccommend speakers and monitors
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  1. Looks like a good build. Your PSU is fine. You could probably OC this to about 4.4 on that cooler.

    Overall it is really good.
  2. how loud is 36 dba? and radeon 7950 or gtx 660 ti
  3. Its a good rig, nothing wrong with it.
    Only thing I'd change is the SSD, get a Samsung 830 instead. Better performance than that Intel 330.

    There are sound scales somewhere that will tell you how loud that is in comparison to a sound you will normally hear. Though considering that a silent room is ~20 dba, don't think its that loud. Also that 36 dba is when the fan is spinning full throttle, which likely wont ever happen.
    Its apparently just above the ambient sound of a quiet library...

    7950 all the way.

    EDIT: Just noticed the single channel memory, you will want to change that to dual.
  4. ok thank you can you answer the question above your reply thingy?
  5. oh lol didn't see the second part to your answer thank you bro
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