New graphics card or faster processor please help?


I have a Intel core 2 quad processor (q9550)
8gbs ram DDR 1333

So the question is (for gaming purposes) should i update to a
AMD FX8150 Proccesor with my Ati HD5500
or just work on my current mob and processor and add an ATI HD 7850 2gbs?
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  1. Well, when it comes down to upgrading anything, usually the best thing to upgrade first would be the GPU. I'd rather have a powerful GPU that is bottlenecked by a CPU and upgrade that down the road.

    However, we have to know which PSU you have in order to determine if your PSU can handle the new card.

    Until we know which PSU you have, the brand and wattage(model number would be helpful), I cannot fully recommend any upgrade.
  2. GPU! The 7850 will be perfectly fine, just make sure you have adequate power!
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