HP vs Asus Monitor.

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  1. The IPS screen on the HP will probably give you the better image and color. However, the Asus is most likely built a bit better. Those consumer displays from HP, dell, etc are pretty junky. Asus makes a pretty nice display at a lower cost. The higher end professional HP, Dell, etc displays are pretty nice though. I swear by the Dell professional ones.

    Between the two, I'd take the ASUS. It looks like you are on a Canada site. Would you be willing to look at Newegg? They have tons of deals on displays.

    also the ASUS above here is a better deal:
  2. hey there. ill help you out

    get this. its part of the asus professional series and is the second gen. you dont get calibration like the first gen but you do get a slightly better panel. way superior to both the ve247h or the hp

    if you live in markham or toronto, just arrange for a pickup.
  3. Hi again guys. I went out shopping today and picked up this monitor at a pretty good deal of $199.


    How does this monitor compare to the other asus I posted in the first thread? It was kind of an impulse buy, but as far as I can tell it seems like a better monitor?

    What do you guys think?
  4. have the exact same monitor as you now. i honestly would have gotten the PB since it has a better panel and quickfit which helps with document sizing

    the ve247h is still a TN panel. not as good as IPS but asus TN panels are better than the average
  5. So just to clarify, this is the better panel? I noticed that when comparing spec's that the VE247H has a better response time (2ms), and apparently the screen is also a little bigger?

    But if the PA238QR is infact the better panel, I will put my buyers remorse to rest.
  6. yes the screen is a tad bigger.

    TN panels are supposed to have faster response times than IPS panels. and that is true for about every TN panel. IPS never goes above 5ms. thats why there are no IPS 120hz monitors

    plus, the repsonse time ratings are total bs anyways.

    yes. IPS is always better than TN
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