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I've got 1 60GB disk, and soon I'll get a p4 with a 60Gb disk, i e making up 2 60Gb disks.
In Win2K one can make a softfare RAID 0 striping with pretty good result, altough one cannot install th OS on the RAID array. I still haven't used XP but will when I get the P4.

My question is this: Is it possible to do a software RAID striping in XP and can I then install the OS on the RAID array?
I was planning on first using a 4GB disk to install the OS and setup the RAID, then move the system to the RAID array and remove the 4Gb disk, is this possible? I understand that disk access time will depend on the slower disk but transfer rates should be much better in this system than using two single 60 disks as ususal.
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  1. No software RAID allows the OS to be installed on the RAID itself, this is because the OS needs to load the RAID driver, so to speak, to be able to access it before hand. So even if you are able to copy your OS to the RAID by some means, when you try to boot, it won't be able to access the RAID setup.
  2. No, it's not possible. If you're getting then you're probably getting a new motherboard too. I'd get a motherboard with a RAID controller then.

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