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So I am making a new PC for gaming (Bf3 is the one to blame) and I am willing to spend about 450 euro MAX
I did some searching and talked with a corner store and I have all of the PC parts made up so:

Inte core i3 2100 CPU (was thinking about the FX-4170 but meh :/ )
4GB RAM Kingston (but its gonna work like its 8)
500 GB Hard disk

Dont know model of mobo :(

All of that will cost me about 340 euro and I have about 100 euro to spend on a GPU.The dude reccomended me the GT-640 which he can find for about 70 euro but I am bewteen the 7770 or the 7750,so which to choose (it doesnt have to be 1 of those)

P.S: Do NOT start a CPU war

By the way,how long do you think this PC will last? (running games at medium/high at decend frames?)
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  1. The GT 640 is about the absolute worst choice you could make. Nvidia really doesn't have any good budget options (at least within the USA's pricing structure). The HD 7770 is the way to go if you want to play BF3 - it will not max it out at 1080p but it will make the game playable pretty well if you turn off MSAA and maybe turn down a few other settings.

    It's impossible to say how long anything will last, especially with a new console generation inbound. At least a year or two.
  2. thanks a lot mate.more answers please
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