Graphics are broken and shredded.


I have a PowerColor Radeon HD3870 512MB Graphics Card and since summer 2012 Grand Theft Auto 4 and The Amazing Spiderman started to show "broken graphics" in the game. It is hard to explain this but I will try. In GTA 4 all glasses are look broken shredded and graphics are messup, in buildings and cars. Water also. All are pixelated and the FX looks like not working. Same in The Amazing Spiderman. The character and the npc have the same broken shredded image. But I do not have the same problem in Sleeping Dogs, or Mass Effect 1,2,3 or in Skyrim or in Saint Row, Max Payne, Splinter Cell!!! I have uninstall drivers many times, and install newest version but problem never fixed. I downloaded many benchmark tools but all play well without problems. Also I have updated my DX many many times but nothing. It is very odd that I have broken graphics in very specific games. What is your opinion about that?
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  1. Did the problem start occurring when you changed drivers?
  2. I thought that and I started to load oldest drivers from AMD but nothing.
  3. Right now iI have the lastest drivers for my card 12.6 Catalyst. There is also a newest version 12.8 but it is for HD4000 and above.
  4. It really sounds like a driver problem - you could try a full manual uninstall of your drivers and then reinstalling a driver version that you know worked:
  5. Hmmm I did a similar uninstall but not the one you posted. I will try it and I will be back.
  6. Ok I tried and I ran The Amazing Spiderman but the problem was there again. If you like you can see the pictures from the game in my Picasa web album page
  7. You will see that most of the time character is shredded into pieces and only in specific places it is good. Is my card broken or something? How I play other games I have this problem only in GTA 4 and The Amazing Spiderman ? It is very very ODD.
  8. Yesterday I read on a forum that several people have the same problem like me and they have it also on the Diablo 3 game. There is a very specific fix from AMD for all HD3000 series cards except HD3870 which is my card! Yes I agree with the people here that told me this is a driver's problem. So I follow again the manual uninstall of my drivers, went to the site of my card's manufacturer which is PowerColor download the latest release of my card's drivers and the problem was FIXED. YEAH.
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