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Can i run gts 450 with this PSU

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  1. Yes, it will be fine.
  2. the PSU is not from a reputed company . . .. also it does not have 6 pin connector
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    The gts 250 has a max draw of 150watts with current of around 13 amps. I would think that PSU should be able to do it. Most video cards come with an adapter to connect 2 molexes to a 6 pin pcie.
  4. in other words ... the PSU will struggle with GTS 450?
  5. is gts 250 as gud as 450?
  6. Oh sorry... the gts 450 is 15-25% more powerful than a 250 and it is much more power effiecent. It has a max draw of 110 watts with a current of around 9 amps. It would work just fine.
  7. gts 450 has max draw of 110 watts and 9 amps ?????????
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