First build.

This is my first computer im building and i would appreciate any help you can give me.
these are the parts i am planning on using:

Approximate Purchase Date: In 2 weeks

Budget Range: 500$ - 700$

System Usage from Most to Least Important: I will be using this computer for gaming and general computer usage.

Preferred Website for Parts:
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  1. No point for a CPU cooler on a 3470.
  2. Gaming rig?
    Then I can see a couple ways to improve.

    Halve the RAM to 8GB, that is all you need for gaming.

    Drop the 212 EVO, you cant overclock on this rig anyway.

    Use the saved cash to upgrade to a HD7770. Get Far Cry 3 for free as well, nice bonus.
    Sapphire HD7770 Ghz. $140 ($10 rebate)

    Get this bigger Mobo that has more features, should have enough saved cash to do so.
    AsRock H77 Pro4. $80

    Get this case instead, many more features than the 912.
    Zalman Z9. $50 ($12 rebate)
    Or if your confident you can get the rebate, this version of the case has more fans included.
    Zalman Z9+. $60 ($10 rebate)
  3. no point of 16gb of ram as well

    more than doubled gaming power with a 7850
  4. Wow, this is an excellent forum. Quick very helpful replies. Thank you.
  5. Would it be worth it to put the money i save from that into a ssd or better cpu?
  6. deeg1049 said:
    Would it be worth it to put the money i save from that into a ssd or better cpu?

    An SSD should be a secondary consideration on a gaming machine with your budget, as it adds exactly 0 fps to your build.

    Get the better GPU.

    Then down the road when you have some spare money get the SSD.
  7. deeg1049 said:
    Would it be worth it to put the money i save from that into a ssd or better cpu?

    Yes I think it would be a great idea to add an SSD. It will speed up your boot times and will reduce the time you have to wait for game levels to load. I would stick with a Core i5-3570 CPU and put your extra cash into an SSD. If you are going to include an SSD it makes sense to do it when you build the machine (rather than adding one later) because this way you can put Windows on it to speed up the computer no matter what programs you are running. If you are only concerned with gaming FPS then the videocard is the best place for your extra cash.
  8. Not worth getting an SSD under 128GB (~$110) unless its for caching purposes, it will just get used up too quickly.
    And as Max pointed out, an SSD wont help in gaming performance. Better off with the more powerful GPU.
  9. Okay thank you all for your imput, this is the updated system:

    Would that wireless adapter work with my motherboard? and what do you guys think about wireless adapters in the first place?
  10. just get this adaptor. performs the same otherwise
  11. Not a bad rig there.
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