Portable Screen w/ HDMI In? (Looking for Wii U like experience on PC)

Hi All,

I have a bit of an odd request. I love gaming on my desktop PC but it requires me to be in my little office cubby hole away from my significant other on the den TV.

So, I have a dream. I started thinking about solutions to get a signal to a portal screen so that I could play sometimes on the couch while the TV is being used.

I already have a media center PC that I could throw video signals to. I'm open to any options that would allow me to do this.

Here is what I'm thinking so far:

1) Gaming Laptop - this is where I started but then I realized it was insane; I already have two really good PC's for gaming in the house and the expense for a loud, heavy, battery sucking laptop for this purpose seems not reasonable.

2) A Netbook with HDMI In - If such a thing exists, this sounds like a great option. I don't currenlty have a laptop/netbook of any sort. If I could find one that I could just pump a signal from my Media Center PC into when gaming on the couch, that would be great.

3) Some sort of portal screen that can sit on my lap with HDMI in - Obviously I'd prefer to have one with a keyboard. Trying to baland a portable screen and a keyboard would be too cumbersome. However, I could always use Xbox controllers for a lot of experiences, so as long as they screen itself could sit on my lap comfortably, I think this would be a reasonable option.

4) Ipad as second PC monitor- I already have an Ipad3. Is there a GOOD way it could work as a second monitor with a low enough latency to game on? Bonus if the touch screen could replicate mouse functionality somehow. I dont think I'm interested in a jailbreak oriented solution. But perhaps for cool enough functionality I could be convinced.

I'm not sure if such a thing as numbers 2-3 even exist in any format, but I welcome suggestions that might serve these purposes or even more creative ones.
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  1. I didn't get a chance to look around, but I know PS3 sells a portable "play kit" that includes a 3d screen. It all comes combined in one case so you could bring the case and plug it into a power outlet.

    p.s. found it here.

  2. That's not exactly what I have in mind since i want a display that can sit on my lap. That's a two foot wide screen.
  3. Well, the problem with trying to do anything but a direct connect to a display is going to be the latency of transferring the data between devices, I am not even sure that you would be able to plug the display from your other PC into a laptop and expect to use it as if it was the primary computer.
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