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i hav samsung laptop with amd radeon hd 6480g graphics card.
its not showing switchable graphics option when i right click on my desktop.

please help me out...
my fifa is crippled without graphics...
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  1. You left out the details,
    What are you trying to "switch?"

    "not showing switchable graphics option"
    Which switchable graphics option?

    Are you talking about the screen resolution adjustment? or what?

    what is fifa? explain it all please.
  2. @soundguruman

    whem we right click on desktop a 'switchable graphics' option appears through which we enable graphics for particular application

    through that i waant to configure graphical settings for my game i.e. fifa...
  3. You should be able to switch graphics in the Samsung Control Panel.
    I don't know which "desktop" are you talking about even I have myself a Samsung with Switchable graphics.

  4. i am using np305e5a

    if you can help, i will be obliged...
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