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Graphic Card

Choices - 430 vs 220 vs 520 vs 620 vs 610
plz dont suggest anything new
i have done a lot of research
and selected these based on my ageing system
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  1. 430 works well on old pc
  2. gt 440 for a choice??
  3. What system do you have? For gaming, all of those suck really except maybe the 430. You are better off finding a GT240.
  4. @Deemo13 GT 440 vs gt 240?
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    GT 440 supports DirectX 11
    Gt 240 supports DirectX 10.1
    Go with the GT 440
    Both of these cards will work well with 300W PSU
  6. i am going with the gt 440 ,,..cant find gt 240 ,,,
  7. Best answer selected by sid3695.
  8. but they are giving 3 yrs warranty!
  9. also sparkle
    one is not avilable
  10. Okay, go with the forsa.
    It seems like a good company to me.
  11. Nvidia offers GDDR5 version with 512 MB .....and 1 GB DDR3

    i operate at 1240 * 768 resolution...what performance dro can i have???
  12. The GDDR5 is faster.
  13. better to go with DDR5 although if it is 512 MB???
  14. At your resolution it might be better in performance to have the GDDR5. If your resolution is higher, it would be more useful to get the 1GB, even though it would be slower.
  15. this is my max supported resolution.....can iknow at what resolution does it start giving a difference of considerable fps?
  16. I don't know exactly the resolution that you will see a performance hit, but at your resolution you should be fine.
  17. ok thnk a lot!!!!!!!!
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