Gt218 ion 512 displays but isnt doing anything.

I have a GT218 Ion card I just installed into a MSI 890GXM-G65 with an FX-4170 CPU. 2x2gb G skill ram. Win 7 64 bit. 46" LED samsung tv (hdmi)

My display is fine. It plays bluray movies great. But, it seems like my CPU is playing the movie. 20-30% usage on each core. This seems high for using a video card, no? Before I put in this card I just used the onboard for video. It did a great job as I am not a gamer. This is a rig for Bluray and music. I dropped in the card just to make it a bit smoother. I just cant imagine its actually doing any work.

I ran PC Wizard 2012 and it gave me the GPU temp and % and it said 35c and 0% while playing avatar.

CPU-z and in the top right the PC Wizard showing gfx load 0%. Please, ignore the time and date as I reset cmos after a bad OC. System is currently stock speeds.

Any other info you need I can probably provide.
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  1. No ideas? No one? I just dont get it. Im watching a blue ray right now. Plays smooth. But, Core 1 46% 2 15% 3 10% 4 30% ... Even when I was using onboard video I didnt see CPU usage like this.
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