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Trojen-Agent gen-imagedocfake?

Can anyone explain to me what this is exactly? It only appears through a SUPERantispyware scan (professions version) and not the others such as malwarebytes and avg and avast. I delete it, scan again, its not there. But later through the day ill notice it appear again if i run another scan. Whats the deal with this?
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  1. Well, I would trust Avast and AVG, the other one sounds pretty sketchy.
  2. I think u r infected with scareware which pretend to be legit anti-virus/anti-malware but they are the virus/malware itself.

    If you already have avast/AVG, download "Malwarebyte Anti-malware" and scan ur computer for malwares.

    For the anti-virus, i suggest u scan boot time scan as well since it will dig out some virus which can hide in the normal scanning situation.
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