First Gaming Build

Going to start my new build
Can you please let me know if I have picked any incompatibil parts
Also how fast will this be

CPU I7-3930k
GPU MSI Radeon 7970
SSD Intel 520 120GB
MOBO Asus rampage IV extreme
Case Cosmos II
PSU Seasonic Platinum 1000w
RAM mushkin readline ridgeback
DVD Drive Asus BD Drive
Soundcard ROG Xonar Phoebus
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  1. They would all technically be compatible - but a few comments.

    - CPU is major overkill. The i7-3930K will perform not much any better than the i5-3570K in gaming.
    - I would get the Vertex 4 or Samsung 830/840 instead. Intel 520 uses a SandForce controller and you might run into some issues.
    - PSU is overkill. 550w would be plenty for a single GPU unit. 850w would be suggested for a 2-way 7970 Crossfire.
    - Unless you have a really kick-ass audio system, you don't need a discrete sound card.
    - Get the 7970 GHz instead.
  2. Motherboard is overkill as well.
  3. Everything is a waste of money.
  4. i5-3570K Ivy Bridge
    gtx 660 (or any nvida card you want to spend the cash on.)
    the rest you can pick, try not going TOP of the line (droping 400 bucks on a mobo to me is... just no.)
    def overkill/money waster. can build somthing similar for ~700 with os, and yours is looking to be over 1500... no point in that, is there?
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