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My brother and I have just received our brand new processor, RAM and motherboard. When we assemble the system and then turn it on, we get nothing but a series of long beeps from the motherboard. The beeps continue until we turn it off. Based on the internet research I have done, I have tried re-seating the graphics card, tried a different graphics card, tried each 8GB stick of RAM individually, tried all of the RAM together (4x8GB sticks) , tried resetting CMOS, checked all connections, and tried with just the CPU and one stick of RAM connected. It just made the long beeps each time I tried any one of these things, and the screen stayed black. The only time I was able to get it to start to a black screen with no beeps was when I disconnected the additional 4-pin CPU connector from the power supply (supposed to use this 4-pin connector plus the 24-pin connector). I can't think of anything else to try, and I'm suspecting that there is something wrong with the board. Please help (specs below)! Thank you!
AMD 965 X4 Black Edition
Gigabyte 970A-DS3 Motherboard
Komputerbay 32 GB DDR3 1600 RAM (8GBx4; supposedly compatible)
ANTEC Basiq Power BP500U 500w PSU (old, but enough power?)
Galaxy GTX 570 MDTX5 Graphics Card
Also tested with old school MSI R4550 graphics
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  1. Hi, start the board with only CPU and CPU fan installed, 24 and 4-pin power cables connected. Check the beep pattern (one long, 2 long a.s.o.).
  2. Thank you for your reply. I have followed your instructions, and it still just gives long beeps when I press the power button. The long beeps continue until I switch off the power supply. There is no change in the beep pattern. Do you have any idea what this might mean (bad CPU or mobo?)?
  3. I haven't made myself clear.
    When starting the board without memory, the system will signal the error. The pattern is specific to the error. Do you get 3 long beeps?
    Now, insert only one RAM stick then start again. The pattern should change signaling no video.
  4. I'm very sorry for the trouble, but I think I have done what you instructed. I connected only the CPU and CPU fan (no memory, graphics card, HDD, etc.), and I got just long beeps. The long beeps continue until I switch of the power supply. I have been listening for a signal pattern, but all I hear are long beeps (about 2 seconds each beep) without any break until I switch it off . When I insert one memory stick in slot 1, I also get the same long beeps without any break until I switch it off. I also checked the CPU to make sure it is installed correctly, and it is. The RAM is rated at 1.5V, which is the default voltage of the motherboard. Please let me know if there is any other information I can give you. Thank you so much
  5. Don't mention it. I just hope you'll solve the issue.
    Now connect the 2 6-pin connectors to the graphics card. When installing/connecting cables, make sure that the power supply is off.
    Check if when starting the board, the CPU and the GPU fans are spinning.
  6. Now, I am just using a MSI R4550 graphics card that does not require the 6-pin connectors. Is this ok? I just put it in to test, and the beeps continue. The CPU fan is spinning, and the graphics card does not have a fan on it o check (it is a fan-free model).
  7. If you know it does work, it's ok. Connect a DVD drive, keyboard and mouse.
    Doesn't the PSU have 2 6-pin power cables? How do you connect the monitor (VGA to VGA, or...)?
  8. Yes, that graphics card is in working condition. This power supply only has 1 6-pin connector. I have just connected the keyboard and mouse, and there is no change in the result. There is no DVD drive connected to this PC. The PC is currently connected to an HDTV via HDMI cable (HDMI out from graphics card to HDMI in TV).
  9. If you don't have a DVD drive, try connecting a HDD. When you say no change in result, you mean it's still beeping?
    If still the same with a HDD connected, then I suggest taking and testing the board outside the case, for ruling out a short related issue.
  10. Yes, sorry, I meant that it was still beeping. I just connected one HDD and then turned it on. Still the same beeps. I then took the board out of the case and turned it on. Still the same beeps.
  11. No other ideas. The board does support the CPU. I suggest having the components tested at a local shop.
  12. Ok, cool, thanks for all your help!!!!!!
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