System restarts on New Msi Gtx 660 Ti PE


Just bought a new MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition OC.Installed the new Nvidia drivers from the website.When i was playing Battlefield 3, the system got restarted and it displays "Windows has recovered from a Serious error with problem name as blue screen".Is this due to overheating or any fault in the graphic card? Graphic card temps are around 85c.

Also tried the Stress GPU option in "AIDA64 Extreme Edition",again the system restarts with same error.

Please help!

Screenshot of the error
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  1. BCCode: 116

    Low I/O Hub (North Bridge Chipset) voltage or a GPU issue (i.e. most common when running multi-GPUs or when overclocking the GPU).

    Also, what is the brand and model of the power supply unit?
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