Just wondering the best graphics card option for this setup

I recently started messing around with an older desktop computer that i built about 5 years ago. Right now all i am looking at doing is just adding in a video card to run dual monitors, since the computer is only going to be used for daily use and no games. I still want a video card that runs applications smoothly and wll run everyday applications with no problem. I have been looking at tigerdirect for some video cards, and i found the cheapest 3 after rebates, so i was just wondering which one you guys would recommend and why, also if it is compatible with my computer. I would just build a new computer but am budget contrained at the time. Thanks!



Power Supply

450 Watts

Possible Graphics Cards



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    any of the cards you linked to would work fine for what you are trying to accomplish...if I were you I would go with the MSI one bc it has a hdmi port...this might make it easier to hook up monitors bc the first one had a s video port and those are not used at all today.
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