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So I am not an expert at all at network, and I just wanted to see if anyone here could help me with my network issue. I have a maximus iv extreme motherboard ,and I needed to supply internet to my pc and my ps3 but only had one Ethernet cable available in the room. So I bridge my 2 Ethernet adapters on my motherboard and connected my ps3 to my pc. I now have internet going to both my pc and my ps3. But once I put my pc into sleep mode, my ps3 looses connection. so is there a way to keep this connection on?
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  1. No, you should buy a cheap switch instead.
  2. yea didnt thing of that. that would work. I guess i was just hoping i could use both my lan ports on my motherboard. thanks for the help and i probably go that route
  3. The problem is your OS is doing the bridging, so you would need to disable sleep mode.
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