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i was planning a new build and i have had advice from other poeple on the site, but i just asked one of my mates what he thought of it he did a new build for me im wondering which is better ,my original plan or his plan


i plan to overclock the CPU and GPU and do gaming, sound editing and animation and i most likely plan to upgrade components such as more GPU's etc
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  1. Depends. What is this build for?
  2. obviously, the build your mate did sucks.
  3. To put it simple the build you have is much better than the one your friend created for a couple reasons:

    His CPU is equal to yours, (or close enough that it doesnt matter)

    Your GPU is much better than the one he has selected, even if there are just 2.

    Your motherboard is better for most purposes. (That x79 isnt great)

    Everything flows on your build much better and you have an ssd which is a big performance difference.
  4. Err, your motherboard is overkill btw, get an Extreme4
  5. 1250w for a 660ti ? lol

    Change the cpu for i7-3770k and a z77 asrock extreme 6.

    Buy a decent brand 650w-750 psu 80 plus.

    Buy a better gfx card like the 670 gtx or 7970 ghz edition

    If you wanna go with close loop watercooling go with the h100
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