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I have a hp pavilion a1410n and it is time for me to upgrade my graphics card or purchase a new computer. I recently purchased x-plane 10 and it will not work on that computer. I currently have a NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS installed on it. So I need to know if I should upgrade my graphics card or purchase a new gaming computer.
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  1. Purchase a new computer. You have a single-core system w/ 1GB of RAM. It's better off building a new system.
  2. If you had a dual core, it wouldn't be a huge deal. But you can upgrade to a dual core Intel Celeron G530, with a new motherboard and 4GB of RAM for like less than $100. Its a really good upgrade. And your 7600GS might be able to hold up in the game. It seems it doesnt need much to run the game.
  3. Don't forget a new PSU. You don't want to upgrade every relevant component except for the PSU to have the HP PSU burn out the new components if it can't keep up.
  4. Can't forget that HP and Dell use nonstandard case sizes, so a new mobo might or might not fit.
  5. Id just start from scratch, it may cost more but you will get a lot more value for your money, and building a new rig is always fun :P
  6. ^^^
    +1. If you're buying new RAM, a new CPU, new GPU, and new mobo, best to spend a bit more and build an entire rig.
  7. Well HP USED to use standard case sizes. I used to have a M-ATX board in a a1730n with an awesome graphics card. It was like a sleeper lol.

    Yea you can go with a really cheap build, and probably wont even need to get a new hard drive or DVD drive.

    Try this:

    You could probably use the 7600GS again, but if you want better graphics you are going to have to upgrade.
  8. You are better off with a complete new pc. You can make one yourself and that should save you money from buying premade crap.
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