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hey everyone,

*sorry if this is the wrong forum section*

just a bit of background i've been working with computers for about 11 years and i currently work at staples. i bough ta prebuilt machine and upgraded it because it was cheaper in the end.

my computer lags. i had 8gb's of ram (ddr2) and it was lagging heavy. i have a xfx 5770 and a 550w power supply.

the computer lags heavy when i'm downloading itunes. i though it was software so i did a fresh install of the OS and it is still lagging.

i cant test the video card on another computer unless i move the power supply as well.

i have taken out every ram and ran the computer on it's own. i have 2 samsung sticks and 2 kingston sticks. the kingston's work well together and whenever i put in a samsung (one or both) the computer lags hard.

could it be a hard drive issue or is there anything else i should try?

Much appreciated

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  1. What is your internet speed? Who is your providor? It's most likely that if your computer works OK for most other things. Slow internet would also affect browsing and on-line games.
  2. my internet speed is low but i've had low speeds and only the browser was slow. but yes it is slow. i am not doing anymore online gaming. this happens when installing programs or the computer is on for over 5 minutes
  3. Sometimes this is malware "or the computer is on for over 5 minutes" or a broken install.

    The easiest approach unless you have data on the PC you need is to reinstall using the factory restore process. It's simple but it takes a few hours. When it is done the PC is exactly the same way it was the day your bought it. You would then need to reinstall all games, etc.

    One note, if you are not running an anti-virus you should install free 'microsoft security essentials'. google it. If you are doing the factory install then install MSE after you do the factory install. Then keep doing windows update & reboot until it can't find any more fixes. You'll need to tell win update to check again after each reboot.
  4. I have already formatted the pc. It was the second thing I did. I also use n360
  5. Norten is too noisy for me at home. But it is really secure. I use it at work.

    When you did the install -- did you use the factory recovery or a vanilla win7 install disk? If a vanilla install then you want to goto HP and download and install all drivers for your PC. (Example, a lenovo laptop I rebuilt could not get wireless working until I replaced the disk ACHI driver default installed by MS with the AMD one on the lenovo website. weird interaction)

    Lag. Lets find cause.

    1. Verify temps are OK, they will cause thermal throttle (really slow you down) and temps could conceivable rise over teh first 5 mins. Download and install a temp monitor that keeps track of max temp. (I like HWMONITOR by CPUID, its free, google it). Check CPU temps, less than70 you are not throttling. Over 70 there's a problem, over 90C there's a crisis, power down asap.
    2. Use 'Resource Monitor' to find out why you are lagging. Launch it by typing resource monitor in the search box of the start menu. Goto overview tab. Verify CPU is not 100%. Verify disk response time in single or low double digit miliseconds. (example 10 is OK, 100 is not, 50 is not good either. If you had an SSD these numbers would be single digit). look at memory, should be 0 or low 'hard faults' and % memory used should be not that high.

    Post what you see if you want help.

    edit: Dang, missed this the first time. Can you give more details on " the kingston's work well together and whenever i put in a samsung (one or both) the computer lags hard. " Download and install CPU-z (google it) goto SPD tab. Post model number on the samsung and kingston memory from the spd display. Report timings and voltage of memory in the JEDEC #1 slot . You'll need to step through the pull down for each dimm slot to get it. Looking for memory setting that may have defaulted wrong.
  6. it was a vanilla install of W7 64-bit

    i just did a reboot on the computer (re-installed all sticks of ram. the samsungs are in slots 2 and 4 and the kingstons are in 1 and 3)

    CPU Temps are under 50 Degrees Celsius

    resource monitor says cpu usage is under 10% and max frequency is hovering between 85%-90%

    Resource Monitor memory: it is hovering around 0 but it did spike once after i just opened the program to about 80%

    CPU-Z: i'm going to post print screens of them because of the amount of info however i see where you might think this is a problem.

    *EDIT* during this time the computer has not been lagging at all.
  7. *EDIT* during this time the computer has not been lagging at all. <<-- excellent if it keep this up we'll never debug it. grin.

    Assume you loaded the drivers you needed after the vanilla install.

    Nothing I can see bad in the cpu-z screen shots. for interest, what were the actual memory timings used used by the MB? These will be in the memory tab.
  8. Try downloading iTunes while monitoring this information. Try to get it to lag while you're watching resource monitor and notice which processes are taking up cycles.
  9. Well it did happen when I downloaded iTunes. The sound also stutters when listening to music. I will have the memory info posted later

  10. http://tinypic.com/r/1hv8ns/6

    *EDIT* - also, where what am i looking for when i play a song?
  11. You want to go into the Network tab on Resource Manager. Look at the graph of network throughput. See if there is a spike down when you hit the problem. If so then it might be your network in your house or it might be your ISP.

    Also look at the tasks that are doing network traffic in the box at the top of the network tab. Make sure the guys using network atre the ones you want. For example, I've seen google drive suck up all the avail network capacity -- looks to you like lag, looks to your ISP like they are giving you all the data you pay for then throttling.
  12. Ah that sounds like it could be the problem. I only get 2mb/s on this computer. I can play xbox live with 0 issues. And I used to have google drive on the computer before I formatted it
  13. Yes, cloud services like google drive and MS Skydrive will suck your bandwidth dry unless you have fast internet. If you use those or something similar disable it while you try itunes and see if that helps.
  14. hey guys i hate to report this but i'm upgrading to windows 8. i want to see if this will "fix" any lag. for a heads up i'm just going to do an upgrade instead of a full reformat. it has been lagging less during music. i test while scanning about 10 pages into my computer. sorry about all the trouble and thanks for all the help and interest. this goes to show why i'm going to commit myself to this community a lot more from now on
  15. Good luck. I hope that helps. If it doesn't I still recommend a faster internet...
  16. It works as far as I know. My internetnis pretty fast 14mb/s. just the strength to my computer is weak. I need a new router. This is probably the problem
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