Will my motherboard bottleneck crossfire?

I'm going to crossfire 6850s and my P67 pro3 SE is x16 x4. would it be better to just get one?
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    according to here them in crossfire will run about 93% of what they would run at on x16 and x16 lanes. so no its not that much of a bottleneck id say dont worry about it
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  5. I had the EXACT setup and I experienced a gain of anywhere from 20-50 frames on my games when I would disable crossfire. The chart that the guy posted is only an estimate, but sadly it is much more dramatic then you would hope. I was disappointed. If you want to crossfire/SLI, I recommend that all the PCI slots are x16. Experiment for yourself and you'll see. This is why on their website they have a list of compatible crossfire setups that give you good performance.

    This pretty much shows that anything more intense than those graphics cards will be bottlenecked.
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