GTX 550 ti BF3 1080p

how will a 550 ti run bf3 at 1080p at low, med, high, ultra settings? There are youtube vids of the card running bf3 on ultra at 1080p f
ine, can trust these vids?
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  1. Processor: Q9550 @ 2.83ghz and 4gig of ram
  2. Definitely not ultra @ 1080p, I don't really view it as a card suited to 1080 gaming..

    No first hand experience with it in BF3 but im guessing about med- high with playable fps.

    I wouldn't trust those youtube videos for a couple of reasons:

    The way they are compressed and the playback framerates make it difficult to gauge how well the game is actually running...

    ...and the people that post them tend to be biased and only record in the less demanding areas of games...
  3. The 550Ti is a pretty poor card in comparison to other cards. Do you have a budget? What power supply are you running?
  4. I dont really have a budget, but I just wanna make bf3 playable at 1080p and upgrade as I go
  5. Is it a GOOD 500W? What brand?

    And do you have an upgrade budget?
  6. 7850+ on the AMD side, 660+ on the nvidia side id say.
  7. Well, the 7770 is the same price, and if I don't know the model of your power supply, that is all I would feel good about recommending.
  8. Just play with the settings and see whether what fits you best. You dont really have to go all ultra on bf3 as it does not have a major difference on lower settings. 30+ FPS on bf3 for me is playable.
  9. SOme people like the eye candy and dont feel 30 FPS is playable in FPS. I like eye candy and 30 FPS in an FPS is unplayable for me. Its all subjective. But a 550 ti isnt a very powerful card for 1080p gaming period.
  10. sorry i was in class. the psu is v series atx switching power supply. what other cards is this psu capable of running?
  11. no u cant max out @1080 on bf3 but u can max out @720p
  12. I think im just gonna throw in another $125 and get the gtx 660ti
  13. You will get 30-35fps at High settings without AA.. I have used that card.. I played with ultra @ 720p but after upgrading my monitor to 1080p I had to play with high.. Also you wont get more than 40fps..
  14. Make sure your 500W is a GOOD QUALITY 500W.
  15. Deemo13 said:
    Make sure your 500W is a GOOD QUALITY 500W.
    whats a "good" psu? i have the v series atx switching power supply.
  16. ventay said:
    whats a "good" psu? i have the v series atx switching power supply.

    An Ultra brand "v series atx switching power supply." ? If so it's crap. It's made by ShenZhen RuiSheng Yuan and more like a 350 watt power supply if they labeled it honestly.
  17. A "GOOD" power supply is most often a name brand one, an efficient one, and a very well made one.

    The brand usually tells it all.
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