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Hey all,

I just set up a triple monitor set-up powered by dual GTX 680s. I have them connected by three DVI cables, two in the top card and one DVI in the second card. The monitors are 3x Samsung s23a700d at 120Hz. To preface my questions, all three monitors are connected by dual link DVI and when not in surround mode each displays at 1920x1080p at 120Hz without any issues or extra effort on my part. This is using Nvidia's latest 306 drivers that just came out a week or so ago.

Here is my issue:

As soon as I enable surround in the Nvidia control panel the left monitor displays at a much lower resoluton than the other two and the whole set-up reverts to 60Hz. The only way I can correct this is to go into the Windows displays settings, reduce the overall resolution and then move it back up to the native 5670x1080p. At this point all three monitors look perfect, but at 60Hz. Going back into the Nvidia control panel and enabling 120Hz results in the left most monitor again dropping to a lower resolution. I can correct this again by reducing the resolution in Windows and then moving it back up to 5670x1080.

Has anyone heard of this before? It isn't deal breaking but if the current settings don't hold it will be annoying to constantly change things around.
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  1. To update this:

    I have attempted to reinstall Windows, have tried every Nvidia driver available, shuffled around monitors and cards, tried using an active display port to dual link DVI adapter and have come to this conclusion:

    I can run two screens at 120Hz but the moment I enable the 3rd, the left monitor has extreme distortion.

    In surround at 60Hz the displays look perfect but as soon as I move to 120Hz, the left monitor has problems again.

    With the left monitor distorted, i.e. at 120Hz surround, if I launch a game like Borderlands 2 the game will run at 120Hz with zero distortion or issues. I know because I'm running vsync and fraps shows me above 75fps frequently.

    If I drop back to Windows, the distortion on the left monitor resumes.

    I contacted EVGA and they told me that what I was doing and the way I was doing it was officially supported but had no other answers for me.

    If anyone has any answers or suggestions I would appreciate it. Or if any more details would help someone else unravel this mystery I'm happy to provide them
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