Dremel Trio for case modding?

I am new to case modding and I was wondering if the Dremel Trio is any good for case modding. Amazon is having a fenomenal deal on the Trio that ends in about 2 hours so a timely response would be appreciated. I have the Corsair 400R for a case if that helps at all. Also if theres any other Dremel tool you would recommend instead of the Trio, feel free. Thanks.
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  1. It may not be the best for tight cuts due to the guard/rest part but I don't see how having it could be a bad thing man, you will learn how to use it best as you go,
    Grab one :)
    I use an angle grinder
  2. I did some more looking around and I was wondering if i'd be better off getting the Dremel 3000. What is your opinion?
  3. Its more the normal style of dremel so I would say yes, you'll get into tight corners and recesses much easier with the 3000
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