MSI Afterburner 2.2.4 0 Core Clock

Today i received my MSI GTX 670 Power Edition GPU and i immediately switched it out.

The older card was a MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozr III

So i got it installed fine, drivers working etc, but when i go to AB it shows the core clock at +0 and memory at +0 Power Limit is at 100%

I know those arent the actual clocks i played a few games and it showed the clocks it was running at and boosting too, but how can i have AB display the actual clocks instead of just showing +0 or is this intended?

With the 570 i saw the clocks just fine.
Now i dont :(

I tried changing to legacy skin but it didnt help at all.

Any input would be helpful.

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  1. check GPUZ to see if that is able to display the thing you can try is install the latest drivers if you didnt already or if you have try installing an older version of the driver...also install the latest version of after burner

    Core clock matches Newegg's description

    I'm a little confused about the memory it says its at 1502mhz so double that is 3004 and does that double again for some reason? Since it says there effective mem clock is 6008.

    Boost shows up to be 1098 higher than what Newegg says but i've seen it boost to 1150 core when i was in borderlands 2.

    I tested AB and GPU-Z to see how the clock updates as i increase the frequency in AB and it shows the proper increase as i adjust it but its a bit of an inconvenence i have to look at GPU-Z to see where im at when overclocking instead of AB just telling me where the clock is at to begin with like it used to....

    Oh and AB and drivers are all up to date.

    Cant go back to older drivers cause they give me problems in Guild wars 2
  3. I dont really know what to tell you about after burner it just seems like a software issue with could try uninstalling it and reinstalling it now that you have the new card installed....the memory clock is just all different ways of wording it yea due to the double data rate you double far as the boost goes there are alot of factors that play into how high the card boosts its not gonna be the same for every game
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