Gtx 660 or 7850?

Palit gtx660 , msi hd7850 power edition, sapphire 7850 oc
Does the 660out perform the other 2 cards? Can palit 660 be overclocked? Since it has only one fan there might be heat issues.
Msi 7850 power edition vs sapphire 7850oc, since both cards can be overclocked, which one is better? Msi is a little more expensive than sapphire is it worth the extra buck?
Finally question, will gtx660 or hd7850 bottleneck with my build? I5 3550 , Asrock extreme 3
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  1. no it will not bottleneck and yes a GTX 660 will outperform a HD 7850 but i suggest a HD 7870

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